Can Gordon Murray — one of the most innovate formula one engineers in history — create an exciting city car?

Gordon Murray in an Exhibition of his Formula One cars.

In Durban, the largest port in South Africa, a teenager skinny as a flagpole walks through its streets waiting for the weekend. Those are the years of apartheid: even the beaches are divided by skin color, yet that discussion about race doesn’t interest him. The only thing worthwhile in that…

Discover how the re-usable plastic box invented by Pieter Hoff is an invention more groundbreaking than an iPad

Pieter Hoff, with the award of National Icon, Netherlands.

Planting trees in the deserts is not the last whim of a Sultan of the Sahara: it is an idea that Pieter Hoff had two decades ago. One early morning he wanted to calculate the millimeters of water that needed a lily to grow seven centimeters in a week. In…

Why watching a teenager playing Dota 2 could be as exciting as a touchdown?

Photo by Emmanuel on Unsplash

At the Asian Games of August 2018, eSports gave his first step to becoming an Olympic sport. During seven days in Jakarta, six video games, different teams of nine Asian countries compete in the first-ever endorsed Olympic event of a sport born twenty years ago in internet cafes. (Asian Electronic…

A masterclass on surprising the world with a single sentence

Alejandro Guyot | Flickr

Mexican Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz wrote that distraction is the attraction to the opposite side of the world. The distracted Juan Villoro has become a resident of that land. His Friday columns in the newspaper Reforma are a weekly exercise where the Mexican writer says something about one thing to…

What would poetry be without the black cover of the night?

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

People feel the presence of black the first time they face the night. The absence of light forsakes them. However, when their pupils are enlarged up to four times more than the original size, they begin to see shadows. And it is true what Borges wrote in his Eulogy to…

From the space, Piura has the shape of an inverted fang against the pacific ocean. It could be just a geographic whim, like the Italian boot but maybe is the way in which nature announce that Piura is a unique region.

Photo by Lorenzo Nucci on Unsplash

Near the border of Ecuador and Peru, this territory is also the opposite of the desertic South American coast. Below the waves of the Pacific, the freezing Humboldt Stream creates one of the wealthiest marine ecosystems in the world. Is not a casualty that the coast of Piura is the…

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